Before, During and After DIVORCE
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 Not sure divorce is right for you, but want to explore options?

You know you want a divorce, but not sure where to start or what steps to take?

You are going through a divorce, but you feel left in the dark and ill-prepared for what's ahead?






Stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, alone, angry, powerless, abandoned

Unsure what steps to take or even where to start

Wondering if you'll be able to provide for you and your children

Worrying you and your children will be forever defined by divorce

Judging yourself for failing at marriage 

Fearful you’ll make the wrong decisions that will affect you and your family for years to come

Worrying you’ll spend thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees and countless hours in court

All of these feelings, concerns, and worries are valid but you don’t have to go through this alone, in the dark or without having control over what's happening now or in the future! There is a better, more empowering way through divorce


Catherine Shanahan

Catherine Shanahan is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, trained mediator and Daily Money Manager and has been working in the financial industry for over 25 years. Catherine has dedicated the past several years to helping clients understand and navigate all aspects of divorce including planning a secure financial future post-divorce.

Karen Chellew

Karen Chellew is a legal liaison, experienced paralegal and QDRO administrator. She is an affiliated member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Karen is passionate about helping clients assemble the right team including alignment with the right attorney and other professional services. Karen also founded a women’s organization called Sisters U which focuses on helping women be their best.

Our unique skills and expertise came together in Divorce U Solutions, LLC, a company we co-founded to demystify the divorce process. Our goal is to empower those who must go through this life-transition and help them proceed with confidence and clarity while making informed financial and family decisions before, during and after divorce.


You see, we’ve both personally been through divorce, so we know what you’re going through, and we know what questions you need to ask and answer, what life-long decisions you need to make, and what you need to know before, during and after divorce to lead you in creating a positive and secure future. This is the information we wish we had before we went through our divorces years ago!

Even as an experienced paralegal, having access to some of the best attorneys, I still felt lost, confused and overwhelmed during my divorce. Because I didn't know what questions to ask, or what to be cautious of, I ended up going through three different attorneys for a variety of reasons. This put an enormous amount of strain on the finances and led to a series of panic attacks.

As a Professional Financial Planner, I thought I knew everything there was to know about divorce until I experienced it personally. After many years of marriage and combined finances, and raising children and stepchildren, I was scared, tired of feeling alone and knew I had to make the decision to leave my marriage. With my years of financial experience, I still felt ill-prepared and uninformed when I was going through divorce.

If we had a hard time finding the information, steps and support we needed, especially considering our professional experience, we knew that others must be experiencing what we did and much worse! We realized how many other women were feeling scared and alone and not sure where to go or who to turn to for help. Now, after many years working as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a trained mediator combined with the extensive legal and business experience of my partner, we know there is a better way to navigate this difficult and often confusing life-transition. This is how Divorce U Solutions, LLC was born and how we developed a proprietary process for empowering women through every stage of divorce. This process has been so effective, it led us to creating an online course, Divorce U: Navigate Your Divorce with Confidence and Clarity, so anyone facing this decision, no matter where they lived, had access to what we so desperately sought duing our divorces and what we use with our clients. 

No matter where you are in divorce, we want you to know one thing: #UwillbeOK! We know what you need to know to make the rest of your life the best of your life!


In short, you simply don't know what you need to know until it's too late!

The most frustrating part of divorce is the feeling of having no control over the outcome for you or your family. This sense of powerlessness over your life adds a tremendous amount of stress, worry and anxiety. Not knowing what you need to know can also cause a host of costly mistakes.

For instance...

  • You have no idea what to expect before, during or after divorce which leaves you unable to adequately prepare for each stage
  • You are left in the dark regarding important matters even those that pertain to your financial future
  • You have no conrol over the outcome because you don't even know what questions to ask or what to expect from your attorney or mediator
  • You feel stuck relying on an attorney, mediator or judge in determining your future because you don't know who to trust or what to focus on
  • Your children's future lies in the hands of strangers which makes you fearful and axious, and sometimes paranoid
  • You can't even get answers to basic questions without being billed by your attorney and you are already too worried about money running out
  • You try to stay focused at work, but you are completely consumed with fear and anxiety, and to make matters worse, you worry you might lose your job because you are so distracted
This sense of powerlessness is paralyzing and detrimental in your ability to make important financial and family decisions that impact the rest of your life!

But you know you'd be okay if...

You only had a map of what divorce looks like through every stage

You had a clear picture of what your life would look like after divorce

You knew what steps to take to support the short and long-term needs of you and your family

You remained in the loop and an integral part of the decision making process in all matters

You had the right information to guide you in making important financial decisions

Someone had your back during this entire process with their only goal being to ensure you created a positive and secure future

There's never been a way to get the information, learn the key steps or have the support so necessary in navigating this difficult life-transition UNTIL NOW!



Many people, including us, thought that seeking an attorney was the first step in getting a divorce. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make! The divorce process does NOT start with a call to an attorney. The divorce process starts with knowing what you have, what you need and what your options are to create the outcome you desire.


The cost of traditional divorce is staggering and leaves both parties struggling to regain emotional and financial security. 

Decision to Leave

You or your spouse decide to dissolve the marriage

Each Party Consults An Attorney

Both parties seek their own representation. Even if there was only minor conflict before, the mere act of hiring an attorney puts both parties at odds.

The Court Rules

Even after months or years and thousands of dollars spent in attorney fees, without an agreement, both parties are left at the mercy of the judge's decision.

This adversarial process often leaves both parties emotionally drained, discontent, defeated and sometimes even destitute. This combative method in dissolving a marriage leaves both parties feeling a tremendous amount of anxiety, fear and stress because of the thousands of dollars wasted in this process. It's not uncommon for one or both parties to feel completely powerless over the outcome in traditional divorce.

We see even the most well-meaning couples get trapped in this traditional method of divorce.

We Understand...

You get advice from your friends, coworkers and relatives who used this traditional divorce method and maybe they were satisfied with the results, but more than likely, they told you they wish they knew what to expect and how to prepare for divorce instead of letting the attorneys battle it out on their dime. They probably told you, after it was all said and done, they wish they knew what was coming and who to turn to for help. And they probably told you the courtroom was no place for resolving family matters.

Unless you prepare for what’s coming and create a plan based on your specific needs, you’ll fall into this trap of fighting, spending thousands of dollars and ultimately allowing a judge to determine the future for you and your children.



We know what you need to make informed decisions that save you time, money and a whole lot of stress! Our combined personal and professional experience of more than 40 years allowed us to develop Divorce U Online Course, a one of a kind, must-have video series that demystifies the divorce process by providing practical tools, guides, vital information and support so necessary during this process. This is the only online course that empowers you in navigating divorce with confidence, clarity and a sense of control through every stage!

In our Divorce U Online Course, you’ll be guided through 11 instructional video lessons with each lesson focused on a key component of divorce. You’ll start by completing a personal assessment to get clear on where you are in divorce right now, then:

  • You’ll work through the ways to get divorced
  • What happens when you separate before divorce and when to be cautious regarding separation agreements
  • The difference between marital and non-marital property
  • Why what’s “fair” may not be equitable in terms of property settlement
  • How to choose the right representation in divorce
  • Questions to ask when interviewing attorneys to find the right one for you
  • How alimony is determined and important tax considerations for both the payer and the receiver
  • All about child custody and support and why putting your children first offers the greatest outcome
  • How to budget before, during and after divorce based on your financial situation and your specific needs
  • How to reinvent the new you post-divorce and tie up any loose ends. Yes, there really is life after divorce! This online course gives you the tools you need to start your new life in positive and productive ways.


Using Divorce U Online Course will save you and your family a tremendous amount of worry, fear, overwhelm and stress! You’ll also save thousands of dollars because after taking this course, you’ll know where you are financially, emotionally and mentally, how to prepare for each stage of divorce and action steps to ensure a successful outcome.

You’ll gain a solid foundation for negotiating your needs when you meet with an attorney or mediator by using the discovery worksheets, financial planning tools and guidance provided in this course. All of the materials and videos are accessible from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Ultimately, this online course will leave you feeling empowered and in control through divorce instead of feeling victim to it!

Divorce U Online Course works, and we know it works because we’ve used this same process to help clients transition through divorce in an empowered and positive way – and with an outcome they wanted. After using our process and what we share in this online course, our clients felt empowered instead of powerless, relieved instead of overwhelmed, an integral part of the decision making process instead of left in the dark, and confident at every stage instead of anxious because they were prepared for what was coming and they had clarity about their specific needs.

After taking this comprehensive online course, you’ll walk away knowing what your options are, have a clear picture of your finances, and what steps you’ll need to take before, during and after divorce.


You won’t find a course like what we provide here anywhere else. There are a lot of free resources that help direct you to attorneys, mediators and therapists, but none offer the comprehensive scope of what we offer here. We looked for this information years ago when we were going through divorce and never found it, so we were left with going through divorce alone, afraid and without the support, guidance or information we needed during this critical life-transition.

Most importantly, when you use what we share in this course, you’ll no longer feel alone or in the dark through this process, but empowered and in control over your current situation and your future!


In just a few hours by watching 11 video lessons, completing the discovery worksheets and using the guides and financial planning tools we provide in this course, you’ll have everything you need to feel confident moving forward.

Lesson 1: On the Cusp of Divorce

To know where you want to go, you have to know where you are right now. In this first lesson, you’ll complete a personal assessment to determine where you are in this process. This is an important first step because being clear about where you are will help you make important next step decisions.You'll have access to a journal and several discovery worksheets to explore your feelings and work through them.

Lesson 2: All about Separation

Separation is often the first step before divorce, but there are considerations you need to be aware of if you choose to separate before divorce. In this lesson, you’ll be guided through the separation process, what to look out for and how to use separation as a platform for your divorce settlement.

Lesson 3: Time for Divorce

Create your personal Divorce Map so you can prepare for what's ahead. In the next 5 lessons, you’ll learn all about the mechanical parts of divorce. By going through each step, you’ll know what to expect, what’s coming and how to prepare for each stage.

Lesson 4: Let’s Get Clear

Gaining clarity about your finances affords you a sense of control over your financial future. This lesson focuses on your assets and liabilities so you are clear about what you have and what you owe. This information is critical in creating a realistic financial plan for your future.You'll complete an Assets & Liabilities Worksheet and Household Inventory Worksheet in this lesson.

Lesson 5: What's Yours, What's Mine and What's Ours

Understanding the laws regarding marital and non-marital property is key in negotiating your settlement agreement. This lesson focuses on one of the key components of divorce – property division. By having a comprehensive view of how assets are divided in divorce, and which assets are considered marital and non-marital, you’ll know what assets are yours, not yours, and what must be divided between both parties. You'll complete a Marital vs. Non-Marital Worksheet so you are clear and confident in negotiations.

Lesson 6 Part 1: Combat or Compromise: How to Choose the Right Representation

Setting aside your emotions is one of the most effective ways in making long-term decisions that benefit both you and your children. In Part 1, you’ll learn the difference between a mediator and an attorney and how to choose the right representation for your divorce. Catherine and Karen offer many scenarios to highlght what type of representation will most likely be needed. You'll be guided through a series of important questions to ask yourself to help you sort through your emotions and get to the facts so you can choose the representation that will work best for you.


Lesson 6 Part 2: Combat or Compromise: What Questions to Ask in Hiring the Right Attorney

What you need to know about attorneys and choosing one who's right for your specific situation. In Part 2, you’ll learn key questions to ask an attorney during the interview process to choose an attorney for your specific situation. You’ll also learn what to look out for when choosing an attorney so you can be an active part of this process. You'll be provided with an Attorney Questionnaire so you'll know what questions to ask to choose an attorney who is right for you.

Lesson 7: Getting the Support You Need

If you are entitled to receive support, or you are the paying party, there are tax and other financial ramifications to consider before you sign an agreement. This lesson covers the key considerations of alimony and the long-term ramifications and benefits of alimony payments and alimony buyout for both the paying and receiving party. By understanding the tax implications of each, you’ll be more able to plan for your future.You’ll complete a Lifestyle Analysis based on your finances so you gain a solid and realistic view of your finances before, during and after divorce.

Lesson 8: Looking Out for Your Children

What you need to understand and put into practice in regards to child support and child custody. This lesson covers key considerations in determing child support and child custody. You’ll gain a clear picture of what you’ll need financially to ensure your children will be taken care of for years to come. You’ll also come to terms with child custody and how the custody arrangement between you and your spouse can be the most beneficial to all parties.You'll work through a Lifestyle Analysis Budget so you know and can prepare for what your children will need as they grow.

Lesson 9: The Basic Steps of Divorce

Get the Basic Steps to Divorce so you are prepared and confident at every stage! This final mechanical lesson in this section outlines the steps of divorce so you know what’s coming and how to prepare. By understanding the entire process, you’ll feel more in control and more confident in making important decisions at each stage.You'll be guided to set some dates for each step and ask yourself some very important questions regarding what you really want from this transition.

Lesson 10: Life After Divorce

Yes, there is life after divorce! Create your vision board, Reinvent the New You, Use the financial planning tools to prepare for your future and tie up any loose ends. Catherine and Karen walk you through some important “Spring Cleaning” tips post-divorce to ensure that you can move forward in a positive and proactive way.


You’ll also have access to over 15 worksheets, guides and financial planning tools during this course so you can actively work through each step informed and confident!



If you know you’re headed for divorce, and you don’t want to make the costly mistakes so many people do, like seeking an attorney before getting the information you need, the first step is investing in this comprehensive course.

We created this course to help you navigate this life-transition in a positive and empowering way – a way that you can feel good about yourself and create the life you want moving forward.

If you’re not sure you’ll leave your marriage, this course can offer valuable insight and information that may lead you to choosing to stay and work on your marriage. Sometimes, just knowing you will be okay if you decide to leave can boost your motivation to work on your marriage.


The investment you’ll make in this course is less than the cost of spending 2 hours with an attorney, and yet you’ll walk away with a solid and realistic plan for your future, clarity about your finances, the key steps to take before, during and after divorce, and the confidence to work through every stage of divorce!


Only $497



Professional Video Lessons

Succinct, meaningful, engaging – online learning has never been this easy!

Knowledgeable Instructors

Gain the knowledge and the skills you need from professional and passionate industry leaders

Worksheets and Guides

Supplemental and supportive guides, worksheets and exercises to help you apply what you learn

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Access your online course from anywhere and on any device with internet access

We want to assure you that you are making a great decision to trust us through this difficult time, so we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If after watching the first 2 video lessons, you don’t feel we offer what we say we do, you will receive a full refund.


My words cannot possibly capture how deeply thankful I am for Karen and all that she has done for me. I had what was most definitely the toughest and emotionally heart wrenching year of my life. Karen helped me to get my life back together and reminded me to take it one day at a time. She took the lead on things when I did not have the expertise or the strength to do so. She truly is one of the kindest, smartest, and most generous people that I have ever known. I value her more than she can even imagine. – Lori K.


Divorce U Solutions has played a vital role in helping me navigate through a very contentious divorce. Catherine was both professional and personable and had my best interest in mind. Professionally, Catherine worked well with my lawyer and made sure all financial details were dealt with specifically so there would be no future ambiguity. Personally, she was approachable and readily available. While my emotions were often on high alert, she was able to coach me in how to respond to my ex. In addition to my lawyer, she was an indispensable part of my team.

-Cynthia F.


If your offices [Divorce U Solutions] were situated in the courthouse (we can dream), imagine how many people would choose to walk through your doors rather than into the courtroom.

- Fred R. - ESQ. FDRLAW


I have not and will not hesitate to continue to send friends, family members and clients to Catherine Shanahan at Divorce U Solutions. Her professionalism is without question, and her knowledge is exceptional. She saves clients time, money, and especially the anguish that most people in divorce situations suffer. She has an uncanny ability to sort through the emotions and help clients deal with the financial issues at hand.

-Beth P. Attorney


I’ve paid $10,000 in attorney retainer fees and I still don’t know what steps to take. I’ve learned more from you about my next steps in just a one-hour consultation.

-Divorce U Solutions Client


I never knew there was someone that does what you do, your services are so needed and I’m so happy I met you.

-Divorce U Solutions Client


Thank you for what you did. You have given me the knowledge to stand up for myself.

-Divorce U Solutions Client


God doesn’t have feet or hands on this earth, but he has women like you to help women like me.

-Divorce U Solutions Client


Finally! Someone who can give me a solution so I can move on. Thank you!

-Divorce U Solutions Client


I feel so much better and I’ve only talked to you for an hour.

-Divorce U Solutions Client


Thoughtful and authentic through the entire process, Catherine worked hard to be fair to both parties.

-Divorce U Solutions Client

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